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The Carrie Hamilton Theatre at the Pasadena Playhouse will be a living laboratory for the arts – a workshop where playwrights, directors and actors will find a home for new and experimental works, as well as a space to revisit and reinterpret classic works. 

Emerging artists and experienced voices of the theatre will share this updated, flexible

space, designed to support traditional proscenium arch presentations as well as intimate theatre-in-the-round.

Reflected in every production will be a philosophy of exploration and challenge for both the artists and the audience – a goal that Carrie Hamilton herself expressed and encouraged in others.

Some Supporters of the Carrie Hamilton Theatre

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to create a permanent monument to Carrie, a living memorial to her joy of life, her creative spirit and her concern for those who are less fortunate.   read entire letter

Julie Andrews, Actress


I am particularly excited by the Carrie Hamilton Young Artist’s Outreach Program. Quality of life in our society is a central problem, and those of us who knew Carrie will remember the wit, spirit—the passion she delivered to the underprivileged and the disenfranchised. read entire letter

Hal Prince, Broadway Producer


The Pasadena Playhouse is an 80-year-old national treasure. It is a fitting tribute to Carrie that her vision and joie de vivre will offer such a joyful future to an institution with such a remarkable past.  read entire letter

Martha Williamson, Executive Producer, Touched By An Angel


Words cannot express how touched and moved I am to hear that you and the Pasadena Playhouse want to rename the Balcony Theatre after Carrie.  Nothing would have meant more to Carrie than a place to develop ... and to outreach to inner city kids.  read entire letter

Carol Burnett, Actress


Through this most worthy project, Carrie not only lives on in our hearts, but in the most tangible of ways - reaching out to others, inspiring and motivating them to live their lives to the fullest, to love their lives... just as she did.   read entire letter

Jim Nabors, Actor